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Swedish Massage

Massage is the oldest form of therapy known to man. The actual term massage is derived from the Arabic word Masíh - meaning to knead and to press softly. The first descriptions of massage can be traced back to 3000BC, where it's use was documented by the chinese to encourage mind, body and spirit. Massage has diverse and multi-cultural roots, with documentations evident throughout ancient China, India, Greece, Persia, Egypt, Japan and Native American cultures.

Swedish massage or holistic (whole of body) massage is the type of massage with which you will be most familiar. Swedish massage started to become popular in the United States in the mid 1800s. Itís based on the techniques of Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish physiologist, who uncovered and developed massage techniques whilst he was travelling through China. He is responsible for introducing the terminology which we associate with massage, and the methods practiced in the western world today. Ironically, the term Swedish massage is not really known in Sweden. The Swedes call it a classic massage.

You will be treated while lying on my massage table. Most people prefer to be naked during this massage, but you will be covered with towels. The massage table has an easily-cleaned, heavily-padded surface, and a horseshoe-shaped head support that allows you to breathe easily while lying face down. I also use an orthopedic pillow to correct the position of your body.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses several styles of long, flowing strokes. The basic strokes are effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping) and friction (cross fiber). I use softer strokes on the bonier and more delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes where there is thicker muscle coverage. This sensitivity to pressure makes it ideal for relaxation.

Many different types of oils can be used during the massage. My personal preference is to use grape seed oil as there is no chance that you will be allergic to it. The oil used in Swedish massage could stain your clothes, when you put them back on, so you should wear something old.

Please tell me if you have any medical conditions before making an appointment. I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire before the massage, to make sure you donít have any condition which means that I canít treat you. It's also best to avoid heavy meals and alcohol several hours before your massage. Your massage will last about an hour, but please ask if you would like a longer treatment.

All massages can leave you feeling thirsty and needing to go to the toilet more than usual - this is because it's got your lymph circulation going and your body is flushing out toxins. I will give you a glass of water afterwards and allow you to relax (or sleep a while) as you drift back into the real world!


Besides the calming benefits, Swedish massage is thought to be good for:

 easing muscular strain by flushing out toxins
 improving circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood
 helping to keep ligaments and tendons supple
 stimulating the nervous system
 reducing emotional and physical stress.

An hour's Swedish Massage treatment costs £75;
longer treatments cost a further £10 for each extra ten minutes.
Contact Daniel for more details.

Swedish Massage

"Daniel is professional at massage, talking to all his clients and putting them at ease straight away.
The massage is not rushed and he takes his time on the areas of the body that need working on.
I visited Daniel for the first time, was very stressed and suffering from migraines weekly.
After an hour of massage I was so relaxed and have not suffered any more migraines.
I will be seeing Daniel again to help me relax after a stressful day at the office.Ē

Wayne, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey