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Shiatsu Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient treatment that has been practised in India for hundreds years. Energy lines on and around the head are stimulated to reduce tension and blocked energies and to assist the body to normalise its ability to function.

Finger and hand pressure is applied on, and around, the upper back, shoulder, upper arms, neck, head and face. The applied pressure releases tension which builds up around these areas. I do not use any oils while carrying out an Indian head massage and it is done while you sit on a normal chair.

Clients often report that they feel a greater sense of tranquility and balance after a treatment.

Following an Indian Head Massage, many clients say that headaches, back pain, insomnia and eye strain are reduced.

As well as feeling relaxed, clients experience a deep sense of tranquility and balance as the treatment also works on the body's energy centres or 'chakras.'

Indian Head Message

A 30 minute Indian head massage treatment costs £35. Contact Daniel for more details.

"My first meeting with Daniel was a brief but rewarding one. I went to see him for a head and neck massage to relieve a headache
I had had for several days, which wouldn't respond to painkillers. He had no sooner begun the massage when I had an urgent call to return to work.
Standing to leave, Daniel asked to, and carried out, one procedure before I left, and I have to be honest and say, I walked out of his office without a headache!
For someone who suffers on a regular basis with headaches, it has been very comforting knowing Daniel is only a phone call away."

David, Sutton, Surrey